Citation in Spanish Guide

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Anyone reviewing your content can verify facts and discover more details through cited sources. Since you must also cite foreign language resources, you can use this guide to help you with citation in Spanish. What Is the Standard Citation in Spanish? Per the MLA Handbook, you cite a Spanish resource the same way as an … Read more

How to Cite a Song

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Music is a form of art, and just as you would analyze a painting in your history paper or cite a poem for your literary paper, a song can also happen to be your source, particularly for those enrolled in music theory classes. Here is a guide on how to cite a song to help … Read more

MLA Cite Website: How to Cite a Website in MLA

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Whether you are writing a school paper or planning to write a research book, proper citation is necessary, even if the information is from a website. Below is MLA cite website guidelines and includes citation for Facebook, YouTube, and other social media w how to write and use MLA cite with a website. MLA Citation … Read more

How to Cite a Biography in MLA or APA Format

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When using information from a biography in your academic writing, it is important to cite the biography just like any other resource. In most cases, you will use MLA or APA biography format. Keep reading to learn how to use each of these two straightforward methods to cite a biography. Using the Standard MLA Biography … Read more

How to Cite a Letter

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When writing letters and other academic writings that need referencing, you can use citation formats such as American Psychological Association and the Modern Language Association. So, here is how you cite a letter using these formats.  Citing a Letter  Citation styles have a defined order that guides you on how to cite a letter. You … Read more

MLA Book Citation Guide

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A MLA book citation follows a specific format that allows the reader to quickly and accurately identify key information. Here’s everything you need to know how MLA cite book works.  Standard MLA Format Book Citation Format Citing a book is important for several reasons. First of all, it gives the original author credit because books … Read more

Oral Citation Guide

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Once you refer to someone else’s ideas, thoughts, or words, it’s crucial to give credit. This is because using oral citation builds credibility and provides a source of your information. It also means that the provided information is reputable and can be fact-checked. What Is an Oral Citation? Oral citation is the provision of new … Read more

List of Adjectives that Start With A-Z

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Using adjectives provide additional information about a person, location, animal, and even objects. For instance, adjectives that start with R can be “raw,” “realistic,” and “recognizable.” Here is a list of adjectives that start with A-Z. Adjectives That Start With A Literature would be sterile without descriptive words. Adding words like abrasive to describe a … Read more

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